I am described as a creative Swiss Army knife because I am very prepared with everything creative. I am experienced in visual graphic design, UX/UI design, marketing, communications, photography, and videography. I am passionate about developing creative designs that address client needs highlighting user goals and interests. I am recognized for having a strong work ethic and known to meet tight deadlines. I am a collaborative, constructive problem solver, and am able to work well both independently and in a team.


Currently, I am living in Burlington, North Carolina. My greatest passion is creating beautiful things that spark joy through my work.  Whether it's creating a fresh look for your business or capturing timeless moments for you to look back on, my hope is that it will make you smile and that true genuine beauty will be conveyed.  I love design because it is a way to tell a visual story. Everyone has a story to tell, whether it is for a brand, an event, or a concept. Everything has a purpose. 

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I enjoy having a uniquely personal touch, whether it be in the way that it is captured the perfect features on an app or the way I provide that one-of-a-kind looks in a design project.

My personal design style strongly emphasizes typography, hand lettering, and illustration.  I am extremely intentional about choosing the perfect typeface, creating a custom hand-lettered element, or drawing a uniquely original illustration and/or graphic. I am an expert in graphic design and I enjoy working on Adobe Creative Suite. 

If you sound like a perfect match, then shoot me an email, and let’s get creative!

SERVICES // graphic design, ux/ui design, branding, hand lettering, illustration, packaging, invitations, posters, business cards,

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Elon University


North Carolina

Agricultural and Technical State University

  • Master of Arts in Interactive Media

  • Prepares students to think strategically across media platforms, plan and create interactive media content, and manage information in a digital age.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Media (Graphic) Designs

  • Studio courses in computer visual design, design drawing, advertising design, and motion arts.