Visual Story Poster - Richmond Hill Community

Visual Designer, Research, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


My role: Brainstorming, design thinking, research, visual design

My deliverables: 

Research, visual design, mockups

I created a visual story mapping poster featuring Richmond Hill Community in Alamance County, NC, for an Interactive Media class project. I created this poster for the African-American Cultural Arts & History Center, Burlington, NC. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about Black history in the local community and help a non-profit organization create a visually appealing and informative poster to use as educational material for visitors.



About Richmond Hill Community:

In 1960s, Rauhut Street was a relatively thriving commercial street for African American - owned businesses in Burlington, located conveniently to the predominantly black neighborhoods of Sugar Hill and Richmond Hill. Restaurants, a movie theater and other entertainment spots, doctor’s offices, a dentist, multiple pharmacies, a grocery store, barber and beauty shops, pool halls, a dry cleaning service, a cab company were among the businesses on Rauhut Street that became staples in the black community in Burlington for a period of time.