Alien Typeface - Diquiyu

Visual Designer, Research, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Calligraphy


My role:

Brainstorming, design thinking, research, visual design

My deliverables:

Brainstorming, design thinking, research, visual design, calligraphy

I’ve developed an alien typeface for this class project based on the alien, Diquiyu, which I’ve created based on my parent's hometown San Juan Diquiyu in Oaxaca, Mexico. It has its own rule. The idea started when I was practicing my calligraphic skills and transferring them over digitally where I edited the image on Adobe Illustrator. 

The alien is called Diquiyu, and they are very calm and mellow. Diquiyu aliens are typically quiet and friendly. They do not speak verbally like the human species to communicate with each other. They are based in a nature environment which is where they use bamboo sticks to write out their alphabetic language.

Year: October 2021

Material: Digital Media

Concept Sketches